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lotrips_pagans's Journal

The rest of us
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We are out there, us religious odds and ends. And we like slash! Especially ones featuring those devestatingly beautiful boys from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So here's a place for us to express our two loves in one forum. Go us!

1) This is a community for people to discuss things, post their work, and yes, occasionally maybe ask for spiritual support. We're a very loving group.
2) This is a slash community. If you don't know what this is, you're in the wrong place. No het!
3) For fiction and artwork, please make sure it has one or more male cast members from Lord of the Rings as a main character.
4) No, you don't have to be of any religious affiliation to join. That would be just stupid. This is just a way for us who have more in common than pretty boys to connect. If you feel you'd fit in here, and wouldn't be offended by possible religious content, then by all means--join!!
5) Have clean, safe fun!